Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions allow for longer and thicker lashes. At B Beauty we apply lashes the healthy and proper way. How do we do that? We apply one extension per one natural lash only! This allows your lashes to grow out naturally without any disruptions or pulling. Using a medical grade adhesive we apply one lash at a time with delicate care. They are fully customizable, and you decide if you want a natural look or full drama with Classic, Hybrid or Volume lashes. 

Details & Pricing


Reg Refill: 1Hr appointment -2 week refill for someone with fuller lash line/wanting fuller lash look or 2.5-3 weeks for light lash line & wanting natural styling  

Large Refill: 1hr 15min appointment (more time = more extensions) 3-4 week refill, or book sooner for someone with a fuller natural lash line that needs more extensions or wanting a dramatic style 

50% of extensions need to be remaining to be considered a refill. During appointment grown out extensions are removed before applying the refilled lashes. If less then 50% extensions remaining a full set will be needed to have proper time to bring lashes back up to full. If you can count the extensions left its time for a new set.

What to Expect

At B Beauty, we provide a thorough assessment and consultation in an effort to customize the lash extensions to your personal look and style. You decide your length, thickness, curl, and design. With our artistic eye, we guide you in choosing your personal style depending on how dramatic or natural you want. You have the choice between a “doll-eye” application (opens your eyes more), a “cat-eye” look (elongates your eyes), or a combination.

During the service your eyes will remain closed for the treatment, so relax, enjoy, nap or chat!

*Contacts must must be removed during the service. Eyes are very sensitive and removal of contacts is a must for health and safety. Don’t worry you can put them back in right when the service is over. Everyone is require to read and sign a waiver before any lash treatment. It reassures that you are aware of any risks and the aftercare needed. Click here to view waiver.

Lash Extension Aftercare Tips

  • For the first 24 hours avoid water and steam (i.e. Shower, Gym, Sauna)
  • Avoid using a lash curler (you won’t need one they are already curled!)
  • Sleeping on your face (if this is an issue you can use a silk pillowcase)
  • Avoid oil based products (Oil breaks down the adhesive and will make your lashes fall off)
  • Popular examples of products containing oil: waterproof makeup, mascara & makeup remover*
Oil Free Mascara


After a consultation on the design of your lashes you will lie down in a comfortable position with a neck pillow. Your eyes will be closed and a professional certified lash artist will prep eyes with cleaning and primer. A Gel eye pad with Aloe & Vitamin E will be placed under your eyes to cover bottom lashes. Eyelash Extensions will then be applied to individual lashes with a medical grade adhesive.

The life span of extensions does depend on the individual and a few things effect how long they can stay on for. If applied correctly eyelash extensions can last the length of the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. Depending on how quickly your lashes grow, how well you take care of them and day to day activities eyelash extensions will very person to person.

Everyone is different depending on needs for eyelash refills. It mostly depends on how quickly your natural lashes grow, how well you take care of them and how full you like to maintain them. Refills are usually done between 2-4 weeks the average being between 2-3 weeks. We offer different lash sets and refills depending on the amount of lashes you desire. For refills there is a regular and a large in both classic and volume extensions. If you need a quick touch up then the regular is the refill for you, if your needing more love then the large will provide more eyelash extensions to your set.

Yes! If at any time for any reason you wish to have eyelash extensions removed we provide a service here at B Beauty Studio. It is a simple procedure using a specially formulated remover solution that breaks the adhesive down and safely removes the extensions without damaging your natural lash.

No! Eyelash extensions are applied carefully and clients describe as a very relaxing experience. Some even fall asleep during their lash application.

Eyelash Extensions are already curled! It is not recommended using any curlers as it may cause damage to the extensions and possibly natural lashes. During your consultation you can decide how curled you want your lashes to be.

Your natural lashes fall out every day, and every lash is on a different schedule in the growth cycle. When a natural lash falls out a new one starts to grow. When eyelash extensions are applied the correct way and the way we do it at B Beauty the extension falls off when the natural lash sheds. Most clients notice the growth cycle more when they first start having eyelash extensions.

Mascara can be worn with eyelash extensions as long as it is oil free. Most mascara on the market do contain oil and most oil free mascaras are water based. B Beauty retails an oil free mascara that is made for eyelash extensions. Along with providing a buildable mascara look it also helps bond the extensions to the natural lash and provides vitamins for healthy natural lashes. It is also easy to remove with water or an oil free cleanser. It is important to avoid Water-Proof Mascaras as these contain oil and are very difficult to remove which can cause damage to the extensions and natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions are great to have when on vacation. The adhesive is waterproof and can be used while swimming in pools, oceans, lakes etc. As long as getting them wet after the 24hr from an appointment lashes are fine in shower, swimming or spas.

  • Avoid getting them wet for 24hrs
  • Avoid oil based products
  • Avoid touching the lashes unless necessary
  • Use the provided lash brush to brush them and clean them at least once a day
  • Keep them clean and remove all makeup end of day
  • Try not to sleep on your face, if you need to use a pocketed sleep mask or a satin pillow case
  • Use oil free makeup remover and products only on the lashes
  • Use oil free Mascara if desired
  • Do not pull on the lashes, this could cause your lashes to come out or be damaged

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