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Lip Blush Cosmetic Tattoo

SPECIAL $275 – Reg $450

Lip Blush is a great treatment for those wanting to naturally enhance their lips with a tinted colour and definition. A PMU (permanent makeup) Machine applies semi permanent pigments into the skin, creating natural looking lip colour, shape and definition. The service is fully customized to each person and can be applied in a variety of blush colours from pinks, nudes to reds.  

Can last in the skin 2+ years (depending on your body, lifestyle and skincare routine)

Requires a $50 deposit

What to expect

To start, we have a full consultation to go over details and discuss your lip goals. This is also our opportunity to answer any questions you may have before starting the procedure. Lip Blushing focuses on colour and shape. Colour options range from pinks, nudes and reds. The desired lip shape will be mapped out for you to look at and approve. They are mapped out based upon natural lips and facial features. Lip Blush needs to stay within the lip tissue and not outside. 

Once colour and design are chosen and mapped on, the procedure begins and numbing agents are used throughout the service to maximize comfort. The process involves using a PMU (permanent makeup machine) and cartridges made of small needles to implant the pigment into your skin. You will feel a slight buzzing where the needle is applying the pigment. All aftercare instructions will be gone over in detail. Colour retention varies according to individual body (thicker skin & oily skin fades faster), lifestyle (sun exposure & smoking can fade faster), body chemistry and skincare routine, all of which will effect the longevity of the lip blush. The fading process is gradual and a touch up colour boost is recommended 6-8 weeks after the first appointment to enforce/balance out any colour and to make any needed adjustments to have lip blush last. If you do not have a touch up colour boost they will likely fade away within a few months.

Lip Blush will slowly fade in colour over time and when to have the next colour boost touch ups will depend on the individual’s needs. Most people want a touch up every 12-18 months, depending on how bold you want your lips to look. Colour can stay in the skin 2-5+ years and will vary from client to client. 

Final healed results are shown at 6-8 weeks after appointment. Peeling can be finished within the first 1-2 weeks, however healing is still occurring under the skin. Any colour boost touch up needs to be done after fully healed.

Who is a good candidate?

-Wanting youthful appearance with bigger looking for defined natural lips

-Great for busy parents or professionals who don’t have time to apply their lip products in the morning or throughout their day or active people who don’t want to worry about wearing makeup

-Someone who has lips that appear the same colour as their skin 

-Anyone who wants definition in their lips

-Someone wanting to add natural tinted colour to their lips (please note we do not lighten lips and colour balancing will need to be discussed in advance)

Who is NOT a good candidate?

-Currently pregnant or breastfeeding

-Have a history of keloid scarring or hypertrophic scaring

-Using Accutane within the last year

-Have previous lip tattooing speak with us in advance to make sure we are able to perform the service

-Have had lip fillers within a month or plan on getting lip fillers within a month

-Smoker? Pigment may not retain properly and may distort colours

-Have psoriasis in the treatment area

-Have an auto-immune disease

-Have a thyroid/graves disease or anemia or Diabetes type 1 or 2 (medication may cause pigment to not retain properly

-A serious illness or disease

-Any concerns consult doctor before appointment

-If prone to cold sores please see instructions below

** Please note…. even if none of the above apply, lip blushing cannot be guaranteed. This is a cosmetic tattooing procedure, the skin can be unpredictable, it is up to your skin to retain the pigment. Generally, results are successful, however, due to skin type, healing or bleeding during procedure, some results can differ**

Before appointment

Do you get Cold Sores? If you do or have in the past please let us know. If you have Lip Blush is likely to cause a flair up (even if you haven’t had a cold sore in years). You can still get it done but it is recommended to get a prescription to avoid any issues. A prescribed anti-viral medication (such as Valtrex) is recommended  to prevent an outbreak. Speak with Doctor for their medical advice. 
-Avoid any blood thinners for 24hrs before appointment (alcohol, Advil etc)
-Prior to your appointment avoid using any sensitizing skincare products such as retinol or glycolic acid around the procedure area for a full week before your appointment to avoid irritation.
-Please arrive to your appointment with clean skin that is free of makeup
-After your appointment you will want to avoid getting the area wet or sweating. For showering, you will want to avoid the water stream going directly onto the freshly tattooed area. Recommended to shower beforehand and do any exercises before. It is best to wait up to 7 days after the service to do any excess sweating.

-If you are on prescription medications consult your doctor prior to procedure

after appointment

Right after the service the area that was worked on will be swollen and sensitive which will subside within a few days. The colouring will be very dark in the beginning and once it is healed it will be lighter. Keep this in mind while it is healing. Scabbing is also part of the healing process and natural. Let them naturally scab and do not pick. It is important to follow the aftercare instructions given. 

-Avoid wearing makeup until the procedure area is healed.

-Do Not scratch or pick at the procedure area

-Minimize sun exposure

-Keep area clean and use an after care balm that will be provided as instructed.

-Avoid touching area to prevent infection

It is advisable to avoid heat, excessive sweating or rubbing the lip area for the first two weeks after the treatment. Avoid other facial treatments such as facials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks. Avoid wearing makeup until fully healed.