Nail Services Now Available in B Beauty Studio with Nail Artist Kristine. Specializing in Gel Nail Extensions, Gel Overlay and Gel Polish available for Manicure & Pedicure. Any questions contact Kristine at

Gel Nails

What are Gel Nails? 

They are a superior polish that is bonded with UV light making a coating on the nail strong and chemical resistant, providing long lasting results. Great for everyone including those with weaker nails and is known to last longer than Shellac. 


What is GelX Extensions?

They are a superior nail extension that are lightweight and the best extension for natural nails. Healthier extension compared to acrylic or hard nail extensions. When applied by a professional they go on easily, do less damage, safe to remove and wear. They do not have any of the hard powder, strong smells or chemicals like other nail extension options. GelX is the best extension for your nails

Gel Overlay

What us Gel Overlay?

It is an added layer of protection that keeps the natural nail from cracking and splitting. This is great for nails that are growing brittle and weak to provide a strong layer onto of the natural nail.