Teeth Whitening

 Get shades lighter with the WHITE Teeth Brightening System. 
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The WHITE Teeth Brightening System works with a combination of blue LED light and a specially formulated gel. The gel is a hybrid pen of Hydrogen & Carbamide peroxide which is less acidic & gentle on the enamel surface.  It’s ability to continue brightening 24 hours after our clients treatment time 
 It is Health Canada approved. 
This custom, pain free process, gives you a 2-16 shades brighter smile that can last up to 3-6 months (depending on teeth structure, hygiene and oral habits). Sessions are typically 45 minutes but can be as long as 75 minutes, if needed. 
There are three 15 minute sessions at each appointment. 

Every client is different which may need different length of treatment time, depending on the enamel type and desired look. 
No strips or trays need. Treatment is custom to client. Gums are safely protected with cheek retractors & barriers. Once treatment is completed gel is placed on the teeth to remineralize & rehydrate to prevent any sensitivity & to lock in results achieved during the whitening process. 
Also safe on restorations, crowns, veneers and implants.